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Now ANYONE Can Build Courses That Sell Like Hotcakes In Just A Few Simple Steps:


Log into your Teaching Matrix platform and select your course template 


Add content with a few clicks, make a few tweaks, & add your payment option


Get ready to profit from your course FOREVER!

When we say we’ve created the EASIEST automated course builder on the market, it can be taken as an understatement.

Simply put, Teaching Matrix will be the last course builder you ever need.  

E-Learning Is Now A $250 BILLION Market. May We Help You Get Your Share?

There’s a true revolution happening.

Every day, ordinary people are making 10s of thousands of dollars every month selling information.

Some even millions a year.

Funny thing is, as I looked into it...these people aren’t too much different from you. They simply decided to connect their knowledge to a platform and share their passion with the world.

And the world has rewarded them HANDSOMELY by purchasing their courses that they offer. 

I’ll tell you more about how you can do the same in a moment, but first - take a  look at this...


FACT: Online Courses Are A Goldmine and Create True Wealth.

Take A Look At These Success Stories…

Katie Kimball - Founder of  the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse went from making $24,000 a year as a Catholic school teacher to pulling in as much as $53,000 in one week!

Breanna Gunn helps solopreneurs scale to seven figures with her course and was able to generate as much as $30,000 in one month.  Afterwards, she quit her job for good!

Jacques Hopkins created the course ‘Piano in 21 Days’ and went on to generate $1 MILLION in sales.

Rachel Ngom (rachelngom.com) was able to earn $49,000 in 5 days selling her course and hasn’t looked back.

Melyssa Griffin launched her ‘Blog to Biz Hive’ course and was able to generate $100,000 in sales in just 14 days.

David Young (former FBI employee) was able to create $50,000/mo e-learning business teaching people how to use drones commercially.

These Are Just A Few of The People Making Millions of Dollars Selling Their Knowledge.

And Guess What? They aren’t Any Different or More Special Than You!

Sure, we all like to think these people that make six or even seven figures selling their knowledge have some kind of special powers, but when you dig deeper...you find that they’re quite ordinary.

The only difference is that they took action and had a PLATFORM to sell their knowledge from. And the latter is what I want to talk to you about today...


But If Selling Courses Is So Profitable, Why Don’t More People Do It?

Well, the answer is simple.

It’s not that people aren’t passionate about selling and sharing their knowledge...but it’s all the TEDIOUS work that goes into getting everything set up.

When you’re trying to get your online courses off the ground, you have to normally fiddle with:

Well, the answer is simple.

Choosing a platform that you can count on and that’s always up and running, so you don’t miss any sales.

Tons of code that most people aren’t accustomed to.

Connecting all the dots, so everything works seamlessly.

Creating designs to make your courses look appealing to the masses.

Spend days trying to get a handle on the platform you’re choosing to sell your courses from.  This can have a huge learning curve and deter most, especially beginners.

Tons of plugins that don’t mesh well together when you’re trying to build your course on your own website.

Choosing an affiliate platform that integrates well with your course platform, so you can make getting affiliate sales easy for potential affiliates.

And that’s just a snippet of some of the issues that most course creators face.

Honestly, It Takes A LOT To Get This Going. But We’re Going To Change All That Today…

Look, we’ve created a number of successful products that have brought in a ton of revenue over the years.

However, as we put our own courses and products together, we couldn’t help but notice how we had to piece so many items together from all different types of sources.

It was aggravating and not to mention INCREDIBLY cumbersome.

And don’t even get us started on all the monthly fees we were shelling out.

So that got us thinking...why not create our own solution that housed everything under one roof?  

We could use it with total efficiency, create courses faster, and make profits from those courses in days instead of months.

So we got after it.  Working hard on putting together that solution ANYONE could use to sell their knowledge to the world without the HUGE learning curves.

We wanted it to be super intuitive where there was no guesswork involved.  Where you could click a few buttons and have a stunning course ready for the masses to gobble up.

And after months of hard work (and spending a mint on development), we’ve put together a solution that answers all of these problems and then some...

Introducing Teaching Matrix!

Share your knowledge and content with ease. Create and sell online courses, trainings, and other digital products to your customers.

Check Out Teaching Matrix In Action:

Get Instant Access To Teaching Matrix

Today At A Massive Discount…

Here’s What’s All Included With Teaching Matrix, And Why You’re Going To Love It!

Beginner Friendly Intuitive User Interface

When you first log into your Teaching Matrix account in the next few minutes, the first thing you’ll notice is how simple it is to use the platform.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you.  Behind the ease of use interface is a fully power-packed platform that’s ready to help you QUICKLY create tons of courses that you can profit from without any of the usual obstacles that other platforms give you.

Integrates With All The Major Affiliate Networks!

Have a favorite affiliate network you like to sell your course on?  No problem!

Teaching Matrix makes it incredibly easy to plug into affiliate platforms, so you can start selling fast without hiring expensive developers!

Having affiliates promote your products for a commission is one of the fastest ways to grow your revenue quickly. Teaching Matrix makes this easy and possible with the following platforms:

Messenger hook via Clever Messenger

Over the last few years, more marketers have integrated bots into their workflow.  That’s because it’s like having a sales rep that doesn’t sleep!

Use this feature to enroll students who have questions while you work on other aspects to help scale and grow the business.

Built In Engaging Quizzes

By using this feature, customers can test their knowledge of how well they’ve retained the information in your course.

This can help students become more engaged, which can create a deeper connection that leads to future sales, while minimizing refunds at the same time.

Ultra Sleek Design

We’re not one to brag, but Teaching Matrix’s design is flawless. 

From the login pages, thumbnails, all the way to course pages, your customers will swear you’ve hired a top design firm for thousands of dollars to create the platform.

But not to worry, we’ve already spent thousands designing everything, so you don’t have to.

Fully Mobile Responsive On Every Device

With almost close to 50% of all internet traffic being mobile, you simply can’t afford to have an unresponsive membership site for your courses.

Don’t worry.  We’ve got this totally covered.  Your courses will show correctly on any device, no matter where your students are or what they’re viewing your courses on.

Just continue to create and sell your courses, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

With the simplicity that our drag and drop page builder boasts, ANYONE can create great looking pages for their courses and memberships in absolutely no time.

When we say it’s drag and drop dead simple...we mean just that.

Integrated PLR Marketplace

Private label rights is one of the fastest and best ways to earn money with courses.  The work is already done for you, and you can just sell it as your own product.

Teaching Matrix comes stocked with a PLR marketplace that you can order from and add directly to your account.

File, Image and Doc attachment support

While Teaching Matrix thrives on video courses, you can also sell other types of materials as well.

E-books, documents, images, slides...it doesn’t matter.  Just load it up to your membership area and Teaching Matrix will handle the delivery of that content to your customers.

Tutorials built into where you most need them

You will NEVER be lost once you’re inside the Teaching Matrix platform.  Every page has a linked video to how that particular feature works.

These short videos will shave hours off any potential (small) learning curve Teaching Matrix has, so you can get to profiting with your courses asap!

Add and Manage Students Easily

This is perfect for those who do high ticket sales or close deals through social media.  Once you’re done taking payment over the phone or other methods, you can add any student you want manually in an instant.

Import Your Students From Other Memberships In A Snap

Looking to make the switch from one of the other membership software platforms?  No problem.  Simply export to .csv file and import all your members into Teaching Matrix without a single hitch.

So seamless, your current members won’t know the difference!

Track Your Marketing For Better Results

If you run any ads or need more control over scripts, you can also do this with Teaching Matrix.

Simply click to add your code to the header or footer, and you’re off to the races.

It really is as simple as that!

Step by Step Product Creator

We’ve taken the guesswork out of getting your course or products up and ready for sale.  Simply follow our intuitive wizard and you’ll have products that your audience can’t wait to devour in no time!

Create Packages and Bundles To Make More $$$!

You’re a creator.   So why spend time fiddling through tons of tedious work to create bundles of all your work?

With our package creator, you can click your way to adding multiple courses and products together for sale and be ready to generate more revenue in a heartbeat!

Internal Landing Page or External Page You Can Link To (Teaching Matrix Does the heavy lifting)

Want to use your own landing pages instead of the ones that Teaching Matrix provides?

Sure thing!  Just add your links and Teaching Matrix will handle the transition.  Or, if you want, you can do everything under one roof with internal landing pages inside the Teaching Matrix platform.

The choice is yours!

Multiple Payment Gateways

We’ve integrated a number of options to receive payment with Teaching Matrix.

Just add your webhooks (we’ll show you how quickly) and you’re all set and ready to take payments.

Course Credentials Delivered Automatically

Teaching Matrix handles everything in the background to give your customers a true V.I.P. experience.

Because of the instant gratification factor most people have, Teaching Matrix will deliver their product credentials to access their purchase without any intervention necessary on your part.

It’s true sales automation that lets you continue to scale your business to new heights!

Add YouTube, Vimeo, or Upload/Embed Your Own .mp4 Files

You spend a lot of time working hard on your video content for your courses.  So the last thing you need is to fumble with expensive video hosting.

With Teaching Matrix, you’ll have full video support no matter where your videos are.  Got a YouTube or Vimeo link?  No problem.  Want to add videos to the platform?  Sure thing.  Just click a button, select your videos or add the embed code, and you’re off to the races!

Built-in Video multi-CDN

Our vast network allows you to store your media on high class, efficient servers that deliver your content to your students without delay.


It works like Amazon AWS, but is much faster and doesn’t require endless price tag for your courses to work.


Teaching Matrix Is Perfect For:

Digital Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Local Agencies

Coaches & Consultants



Total Beginners


Click The Button Below 
To Get Instant Access Now

No Installation | Cloud Based | No Transaction Fees

Beautiful Course Layouts With Stunning Designs That Rival The Mona Lisa

Let’s face it.  Some courses have great knowledge, but the design is BUTT UGLY.

This can detract from the customer experience and decrease sales. 

But you won’t have to worry about that with Teaching Matrix.  Our designs are so stunning that your students might get caught staring at the screen and forget to take the course!

(Just kidding...but the designs are that good. ;-)

Monetize Your Knowledge Quickly & Easily

You already have subjects inside you that people are willing to pay good money for.

So why not build a business selling that knowledge?  

Teaching Matrix helps you do that and then some, but without all the rigorous and tedious technical that zap your creativity while your best work sits on the shelf.

Dominate Multiple Niches With Ease

Who says you have to stick to just one market?  Not us.

Want to dabble in multiple markets and get paid handsomely?  Go for it.

Teaching Matrix can help you organize every subject and product for multiple niches without even breaking a sweat.

Keeps all your work separate how you want, but all together in one place.

Everything You Need Is All In One Place

When we set out to create Teaching Matrix it was because we were tired of having multiple tabs open and jumping back and forth between tools.

That’s part of the beauty of this platform.  No need to use video hosting here, documents uploading there, and trying to tie it all together with some out of date page builder.

You can manage your information empire all under one roof with this true revolutionary platform.

Keep Your Money In Your Wallet Where It Belongs.

Did you know that some platforms charge you a % of every sale?  

Trust us, that ads up over time.

As a matter of fact, if you sell $100,000 of your courses, and have a 5% platform fee,  $5,000 you have to pay that platform.  And that’s not even counting merchant processing fees.

Teaching Matrix will never take a % of your sales. 

We know that’s money you could keep and reinvest back into your business.  

All it takes is just a minimal investment today to keep your money where it truly belongs...and that’s in your pocket.

Drag and Drop Your Way To Amazing Pages Fast!

When we say we have the EASIEST and simplest page builder, we mean it.

You don’t need to be a technical genius or have any previous coding experience.

If you can work your mouse, you have everything you need to build landing page inside the Teaching Matrix platform.

And to make it even EASIER, we’ll give you templates you can edit quickly or you can build from scratch if you’re so inclined.

All the normal columns, modules, and features you expect in a page builder is available here, but without the headaches.

Automated Technology That Works FOR You With No Guesswork Involved.

No need to outline thumbnails for your videos or make changes to titles.  The platform already has this covered for you.  Just add your chapters and content and Teaching Matrix will automatically create your student’s access page.

And if you make any edits or changes, Teaching Matrix automatically updates everything across the board as well!

You won’t believe how intuitive the platform truly is...and we’re just getting started!

100% Totally Cloud Based...Your Digital Products and Memberships Are Anywhere You Are.

Teaching Matrix works on every device wherever you have an internet connection.

Traveling the world with your laptop?  Not a problem.  Just access your dashboard and get to work.

As long as you have an internet connection you can create on Teaching Matrix without hassle no matter where you are.

Create A Lifestyle of True Freedom. (Let’s Do The Math…)

Another great thing about selling your own courses is that you only have to create them once, but can get paid from them again and again...forever!

This is reason enough to get access to Teaching Matrix today.  The sooner you put your course together, the sooner you can get to the lifestyle you truly want to live.

Plus, you don’t need much, to be honest.  Just 300 sales of a $497 course is a healthy six-figure income.

And Teaching Matrix can help you deliver that course to the masses on time every time.

No Messy Plugins Required.

You’ll be relieved that you don’t have to combine a bunch of plugins to get your course membership to work.

We personally know what it’s like to try and have plugins talk to each other to create a cohesive information business...but only to have them end up fighting like a bunch of relatives at a bad family reunion.

Nope.  Teaching Matrix gives you  all the flexibility and customization you need without investing in a bunch of add-ons that probably won’t work correctly anyway.

Increase Conversions and Profits...Not Expenses

Teaching Matrix makes creating courses from your knowledge simpler than ever.  

With all the high quality tools and templates included, you can get your information empire up and running quickly without sacrificing quality.

Plus, during this special launch phase - you won’t ever have to pay a monthly fee for Teaching Matrix.  

This way your revenue can go up while you keep expenses down.

Scale Your Knowledge Into A Six or Seven-Figure SUSTAINABLE Business

By the year 2025, the E-learning industry is expected to be valued at 325 BILLION.

That means we’re only going to see more people purchasing access to specialized knowledge.

You can get in front of that trend now by creating meaningful courses that wow inside of Teaching Matrix and scale those courses and products to a true six, seven, or even eight figure business for years to come.

If You Ever Get Stuck, We’re Here To Help

Although we’ve designed Teaching Matrix to be incredibly easy to use...we understand there are still times you have questions that need answers, or you might have hit a snag.

Not to worry.  We have top-notch support that’s always on the case and will do whatever it takes to make sure your experience using Teaching Matrix is always stellar.

This Is Only The Beginning…

We don’t just sell access to Teaching Matrix, but we also use it ourselves.  And even though we’ve boasted a ton of features and benefits right here on this page...this is just the beginning.

We’ve got big plans for the platform, and it’s only going to get better from here.

That’s why it makes sense to get access now while the price is low.

Get Teaching Matrix Now For A Low, Monthly Payment

But just to make it a no-brainer, we’re also going to give you...

FREE Gifts To Help You Succeed Straight Out The Gate!

Getting access to Teaching Matrix today will give you the power to build the true freedom based lifestyle of your dreams.

But we’re also going to up the ante by giving you access to three powerhouse courses that can help you pull more revenue from all the courses you set up on the Teaching Matrix platform.

These courses are available to you as soon as you login with your credentials in the next 5 minutes:

How To Sell Your Products On Warrior+ Full Training Course

Warrior+ is a great platform to not only generate sales for your courses, but also attract affiliates that can help you boost sales very quickly.

Inside this training, we’ll walk you from A to Z through the entire W+ platform and show you how to get the most out of your Warrior+ experience without any hassles whatsoever!

Selling Your Products On Thrive Cart Full Training Course

JVZoo does millions in sales every year and has a host of affiliates that are hungry to promote new products.

So why not let them promote yours?

In this training we’ll take you step by step to go from ground zero to launching your product with major success on the JVZoo platform while avoiding any pitfalls along the way!

Super FREE PREMIUM Bonus Alert!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’re going to also sweeten the pot today with a premium course that we created inside your Teaching Matrix account.

The Membership Playbook

The complete video course to building profitable memberships and successful online communities.


What you will discover:

  • How To Make $100,000 Per Year With A Membership Site
  • The 4-Part System For Creating A Unique Membership
  • The 5 Best Models For Faster, Easier, And Better Memberships
  • Perfectly Profitable Pricing: Nailing Down Your Monthly Fee
  • 12 Ideas For Monthly Deliverables Members Will Love
  • Managing Your Membership Process Each Month
  • The Profit Trifecta: 3 Keys To Maximizing Profitability
  • Retention Secrets: 5 Ways To Keep Members Active Month After
  • Five Ways To Rapidly Get New Paying Members For Your Site

Just To Recap, Here’s Everything You’re Getting Access To In The Next 5 Minutes…

Create Up To 100 Courses

Create Up To 100 Packages

Add Unlimited Students

Create 100 Landing Pages

Send 10,00 Emails Monthly

10,000 MB Free Multi-CDN Storage

Integrate To Your Email Service

Importing Of Students

Send 10,00 Emails Monthly

Quiz & Survey Builders

Ready to Use Page Templates

Easy, Drag & Drop Page Builder

Supports Major Affiliate Networks & Payment Gateways

Premium Support

No Transaction Fees

If you'll get Teaching Matrix today, we will give you a Clever Messenger account for FREE!

Clever Messenger is an All-In-One Chatbot Creation & Marketing Suite, including Drag 'n Drop Flows & Powerful Automation Rules, Growth Tools & Super Fast Broadcasts, Live Chat, and much more…

Add Up To 5000 Unlimited Subscribers

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No Installation | Cloud Based | No Transaction Fees

Unfortunately, This Offer Has A Time Limit. (So You’ll Need To Act Fast!)

I wish that we could leave Teaching Matrix for a very low price forever, but unfortunately we can’t.

See, we have plans to take Teaching Matrix mainstream and when we do, we’ll most likely sell Teaching Matrix on a monthly basis.

But as our way of introducing Teaching Matrix into the market, we wanted to do introductory pricing and put Teaching Matrix within reach of all who want to succeed online selling their knowledge.

So right now, you can get access to Teaching Matrix for a very low price.  But as time runs out on this page, the price will increase, and at the end of our launch special, we’ll move to a higher monthly recurring charge.

Join More Than 100,000 Course Creators Who’ve Sold Billions of Dollars Sharing Their Knowledge.

Teaching Matrix PRO

$69 Monthly or $497 Yearly

Create 100 Products
Create 100 Packages
Unlimited students
Create 100 landing pages
1 Website
10,000 emails per month
Free 10,000 MB (10 GB) Multi-CDN Storage
Integrate To Your Email Service
Importing of students
Supports major affiliate networks
Easy, Drag & Drop Page Builder
Ready to use page templates
Quiz & Survey Builders
Premium Support
No transaction fees

Membership Playbook

Clever Messenger


What is Teaching Matrix?

Teaching Matrix is an all-in-one platform where you can create online courses and trainings with just a few clicks using our easy to learn, easy to use course builder.

What if I'm a total newbie?

Teaching Matrix is 100 percent newbie-friendly. On top of that, every page has a linked video to how that particular feature works. We also have top-notch support that will guide you along the way.

Do I need any design skills or special experience when building a course or a landing page?

No design or technical skills required. Your account comes with beautiful templates, ready to use, for your convenience. Just choose a template, add your branding, edit some text, and you're done.

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